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Argentina’s Weather 

Argentina occupies almost the whole of South America south of the Tropic of Capricorn and east of the Andes. To the west lie Chile and the Andes mountains. It has a long Atlantic coastline on the east, stretching from Uruguay and the “Río de la Plata” to Tierra del Fuego. To the north are Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. 

The climate varies from sub-tropical in the Chaco region of the north to sub-arctic in Patagonia.

Variety of Climates

  • Central Extensive Plain (Buenos Aires): Mild and humid.
  • Western border of Patagonia: Cold and humid.
  • Northern Mesopotamia (Iguazu): Subtropical.
  • Northwest Valleys (Salta): Warm desert.

Average Temperatures per region (in Celsuis | Farenheit degrees)

Region Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Buenos  Aires       19C|66F 22C|72F 25C|77F 27C|81F 28C|82F 27C|81F 26C|79F 22C|72F
Patagonia 10C|50F 13C|55F 15C|59F 18C|64F 19C|66F 19C|66F 17C|63F 13C|55F
Mendoza 18C|64F 22C|72F 25C|77F 28C|82F 29C|84F 27C|81F 25C|77F 20C|68F
Iguazu 24C|75F 26C|79F 27C|81F 30C|86F  31C|88F  29C|84F  28C|82F  26C|79F 
Salta Valleys 20C|68F 22C|72F 24C|75F  26C|79F 25C|77F 24C|75F 23C|73F 20C|66F

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Average "Days of Rain" & "Hours of sunlight" (almost constant in all regions) Per month, per region.

Region Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Buenos  Aires       7 10 10 9 8 6 7 10
Patagonia 10 9 5 5 3 3 7 9
Mendoza 3 4 5 5 7 6 7 5
Iguazu 11 13 9 10 11 10 
Salta Valleys 6 10  11 17 14 14 6
Avg sunlight hs. p/day    12 13 14 14 14 13 12  11